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  Saga's Raditz through Buu
Raditz Saga

(Z)-The sayian saga starts out with goku heading to Master Roshi's to meet up with the old friends of his. When he gets there everybody is amazed that he has a child named gohan. But their little reunion is cut short by a stranger from the sky claiming to be goku's brother. He tells goku that if he does not join him he will kidnap gohan. goku charges at raditz but is stopped clear in his tracks by a knee in his stomach. Raditz leaves, then they are encountered by picollo who starts talking. Now, goku who is very impatient tells picollo to get to the point so he does and says the only way to beat their new foe is to team up goku agrees and they both fly off towards raditz.
Meanwhile raditz is getting annoyed by gohan's constant crying so he locks him up in his sayian space pod, his scouter reads a high power level coming from gohan but he convinces himself that it is broken. But his thought is quickly proven wrong when it senses goku and picollos levels getting closer. Goku and picollo then remove their weighted clothing boosting their power levels up by 100, raditz laughs at this poor atempt to become more powerfull. When they start fighting raditz beats up on both of our heroes and then finally goku grabs his tell rendering raditz paralized. But he lets go thinking raditz will go on his way packing back to planet freeza but he is tricked and beat up a little more.
Enraged that he can do nothing gohan bursts out off the sayian space pod and starts powering up raditz seeing the level on his scouter 1,300 is at the point that he is scared as hell now. Gohan then powers up and tackles the life out of raditz, raditz then gets angry and kicks him in the head. goku than grabs his tail again and picollo kills both of them with his special beam cannon. Raditz then tells him of two new sayians stronger than he who be on earth in a year. Picollo then steals gohan from the others to begin a year of training with him to unlock his hidden power. goku checks in at the earths check in station and makes the long journey to king kai's. He finally reaches there after many failed attempts 'caught falling into hell, almost getting eaten by a snake', he finally begins his training. Finally the year is over and all the z warriors excluding goku are there waiting for the sayians.
The sayians Vegeta-prince of all sayians and his partner nappa plant some saibamen. yamcha after getting killed by one gets krillin enraged and krillin kills all but one in one blow ( the other killed by picollo). Then nappa steps in killing tien , chao-szue in a failed kamikazee atempt and picollo in an honorable sacrifice to save gohan. Even with his ability to become super strong gohan could'nt hurt the giant. finally goku comes and finishes nappa in a blink of an eye.
Now Vegeta-prince of all sayians and goku-3rd class sayian face off. It starts off as Vegeta being more of a match for goku even with his kao khen x2 vegeta is still too powerfull. Finally goku has to use his kao khen x3 to overpower vegeta. Vegeta then goes oazoro and beats goku up. Yajirobe finally gaining up courage cuts vegeta's tail off shrinking him back down. Gohan than goes oazoro but vegeta with his superior skills cuts his tail off, consiquently he landed on Vegeta before he could de transform.
Vegeta than called his space pod and left the planet barely allive. Finally the gang comes and takes gohan,krillin, and goku who now cannot move his legs and most of his body to the hospital. Vegeta who finally reaches planet freeza gets healed and is enraged when he hears that freeza a foe more evil than he has gone to namek to collect the dragon balls.

Freiza Saga

After Krillen , Bulma and Gohan Arrived on Namek For The Dragon Balls. Goku was summoned to help out because Vegita Was There along with someone much stronger Called Freiza. It took Goku 6 Earth days to Reach Namek to find Gohan and Krillen holding on to their lives by a Thread. Goku quickly defeated Recoome and Burter Then went one on one with Captain Ginyu. During the battle Goku and Ginyu changed bodies with each other and then Goku was able to trick Ginyu into changing back bodies back and was very weak Ginyu then saw Vegita and attempted to switch bodies with him but Goku Threw a frog in the way forcing Ginyu to switch bodies with a frog. Goku then was put into a Saijin healing tank for a few hours when he duels with Freiza getting very mad with every strong attack until forced to use the Spirit bomb making Freiza weaker. Out of aggravation Freiza kills Krillen making Goku Extremely angry and transforms into the Legendary Super Sayain as Vegeta predicted and kills Freiza in about 30 min. But after Freiza "dies" the planet Namek explodes! But Goku survived and stayed on an unknown planet for a year (In that year is when the infamous Garlic Jr Saga happens)

Android Saga

This saga starts out with Frieza and King Cold coming to earth for revenge. When they land they meet up with a mysterious youth, his name is trunks. Trunks is the future son of Vegita and Bulma. After killing the two villians he meets up with the Z fighters. Trunks tells of a grim future where Goku dies from a rare and deadly disease and all the Z fighters try fighting these androids but end up dying except for Gohan and Trunks. So Burma sends Trunks back in time to warn the present day Z warriors and cures Goku's disease. Gokou, Piccolo, and Gohan train together and once again, the Z warriors battle a powerful enemy - The androids. After losing to the androids, the warriors retreat to Kami's lookout, where they devise a new plan.
Gokou and Gohan enter the Room of Spirit and Time, where one day is a whole year in there. Training for a year straight, they become amazingly strong - literally reaching a new level entirely.

Cell Saga

However, once they come out of the room, they learn of a new enemy - the monster Cell, whose gone around absorbing people through his tail, including the two androids, which allows him to reach his perfect stage.

Being a good sport, Cell holds a competition. If someone can defeat him, Cell will spare the world. If all his challengers are killed, he destroys the earth. Gohan and Gokou are the only two that stand a fighting chance against the powerful monster.

Gokou allows Gohan to fight Cell, being the only one aware that Gohan's reached a new level. Cell, too, realizes this and transforms himself into a huge time bomb - more than powerful enough to blow the earth to bits.

Knowing what he must do, Gokou transports Cell to Kaiousama's planet, where he explodes, killing Gokou, Kaiousama, Bubbles, and Gregory.

Amazingly, Cell survives, but Gohan, with the spiritual support from his dead father talking via Kaiousama's telepathy, defeats him, saving the world.

Buu Saga

7 years pass, and Gokou is living in the afterlife with Kaiousama. Another Tenkachi Boudakai is held and Gokou is granted one day of life to compete in it. On earth, he meets up with all his friends again, and meets his second son - Goten, a small boy who looks just like he did as a boy.

The heroes meet Kaioushin, the God of the Kaious, and he tells the heroes of a powerful enemy named Buu. They fight Buu and Vegeta is killed. Gokou's day is up and he's forced to go back to Heaven, where he meets Gohan, who isn't dead, but's training to fight Buu with Kaioushin.

Gokou helps train Gohan and switches status with KaioSama so he can come back to help fight Buu - KaioSama falls drops dead on his planet, and the halo over Gokou's head disappears...then, KaioSama stands back up, a halo over his head.

Gokou departs to fight Buu, a little after Gohan is absorbed. He arrives with Fusion Earrings, desperately seeking someone to fuse with. It seems like he'll be forced to fuse with Mr. Satan, until he senses the Ki of Vegeta.

Vegeta, who was sent by the Gods of the Afterlife, arrives just as Gokou appears in front of him. Gokou suggests the two fuse together, but Vegeta refuses. Gokou held back from fighting all out on Vegeta earlier when he was Majin Vegeta, and this insults Vegeta. However, Gokou eventually persuades him to fuse, and the two form Vegetto - the strongest character in all of Dragon Ball.

Vegetto allows himself to be absorbed by Buu so he can rescue Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, and Fat Buu from inside of Evil Buu. Eventually, Vegeta comes up with the idea of a giant Genki Dama. Goku forms it, using the power of everyone from Earth, as well as the inhabitants of the afterlife, and other planets, and eventually, Evil Buu is overwhelmed and killed.

10 years later, Gokou meets Uubu, the reincarnated form of Evil Buu, who is good and pure, at a new Tenkachi Boudakai. Gokou goes off to live with and train Ubuu, overwhelmingly excited with the concept of getting to spar with Uubu.